About the Kansas City Kansas Public Library Foundation


The KCK Public Library Foundation evolved from the Friends of the Library (FOL), a  membership organization established in 1979 with a mission to establish a relationship between the Library and its public.

The Friends of the Library was organized to help the community recognize the library as a lifelong learning center, publicize events and activities, and raise funds to purchase equipment and improve services. For a number of years, FOL was a vital part of the Kansas City, Kansas library system. The organization spearheaded projects such as an annual book sale that benefited the library system and involved the community.

In 2006, after 27 years of operation, FOL made the decision to dissolve the organization. Declining membership and limited volunteer roles were factors that contributed to this decision. However, in 2007, notice was received of a bequest to the FOL from the Marguerite Lubratovic Estate. This bequest prompted the FOL leadership team to establish the Friends of the Library Foundation that was renamed, the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library Foundation in 2011.


Rosalyn Brown, President
Kansas City, Kansas Public Library Foundation
c/o KC Public Library
625 Minnesota Ave
Kansas City, KS 66101