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Welcome to our Home. 

 What do over half of the people in Wyandotte County, school age and above, have in common?

  • A dining room table from Nebraska Furniture Mart?
  • A photo taken at Kaw Point with the KCMO skyline as a backdrop?
  • An old ticket stub from a T-Bones game?
  • A map of the shelters at Wyandotte County Lake?
  • Apple cinnamon povitica in the freezer?

Nope. None of the above.

Over half (52%) of the people in Wyandotte County have an active library card. Admission, of course, to the 5 branches of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library is free. Always has been. And we want to keep it that way.

Though now days, what goes on at our libraries looks a little different.

If you are a teen, sign up this summer for graffiti art or a zumba class. Adults can learn to set up a facebook account or hone investment skills. Young people can read out loud to a dog or make a gnome home. Check out the crowded summer calendar at

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Library Foundation is established to promote, invest and advocate for the Kansas City Kansas Public Library. We think something is wrong when Americans spend nearly three times as much on candy as they do on public libraries. (American Library Association)

After all, a library is really one sweet deal.

Stevie Reynolds, President