Board of Directors



Rosalyn Brown, President

Tom Boeding, Vice President

Irene Caudillo, Secretary

Stevie Reynolds, Treasurer


Betty Ewell

Wendell Maddox

Linda Pendleton

Kathryn B. Pruessner

Janey Marie Humphries

Simeon Henderson

Ex Officio:

Carol Levers, Director of Libraries

David Hanson, Assistant Director of Libraries

One thought on “Board of Directors

  1. Hello,
    I am a Research Assistant working in the Department of Sociology at the University of Kansas. My advisor, William Staples, and I are working on a project about Internet use among lower-income populations. I have been searching on the KCK Public Library’s website and reached out to their staff for some statistics on library and/or computer usage, but this has been unsuccessful so far. Would your organization have any of this information? Just basic statistics on the numbers of library patrons, number of computers in the library system, etc…
    Thank you in advance!
    Alexander Myers

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